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DSL Modem Access


DSL Advantages

Lightning Fast Speed: DSL is an always-on, reliable Internet connection that's up to 50 times faster than modem technology. With a DSL connection, you can transact E-Business/Commerce in real time, so orders can be processed instantly. Web sites load much faster on DSL, even those with heavy graphic/multi-media content. This means less time spent waiting.

No more logging on: With DSL, you're always connected. Just open your web browser and go wherever you want instantly. And your e-mail program can be set to automatically download your mail so it's waiting for you.

One phone line: DSL is also capable of transmitting voice and data simultaneously. This means that you can talk on the telephone, send or receive a fax, all while browsing the web using a single phone line. And in many cases, your existing telephone line will work.

Affordability: With DSL, you can network your entire office to the Internet over a standard copper phone line. You pay a flat monthly fee with no per-minute usage charges based on the DSL service you select. Also, DSL can grow your Internet connection/E-Business. Upgrade to higher DSL service levels as your business grows.

Reliabilty: DSL technology uses your existing phone line, and phone company networks are among the most reliable in the world.

No sharing of bandwidth: With DSL, you won't be competing for bandwidth with neighbors in your area. Your DSL connection runs over your specific phone line. This means your connection is dedicated - between your home or office and Internet Junction.

IP Addressing Options: DSL can be purchased with either Dynamic IP Addressing or Static IP Addressing and we have packages for both. Static IP addressing gives your business a fixed Internet address that allows your customers to find you on the Internet. Static IP is necessary for applications such as: Hosting an e-mail, FTP or applications server, allowing remote access to a LAN or Virtual Private Network, or Hosting a Website.

Improved Employee Productivity: Because DSL is always on, your employees waste no time waiting to connect or worrying about recovering lost data from untimely disconnects from dial-up modem connections.

Customer Care/Technical Support: We provide knowledgeable, friendly technical support for you seven days a week at no cost to you. We're here to help. Before calling to qualify for DSL, please verify your computer complies with the minimum system requirements - if you need assistance with this you will need to refer to the original documentation that came with your computer, or else contact the computer manufacture's technical support line.

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